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oneblowdrybar® is a new concept of the “blow dry bar” concept the came from an idea! No Cuts Nor Coloring! Just Providing Customers With The Ultimate Blowout Paired with Ultimate Blow Dry Bar experience! Why Just Stop There? Let’s Bring That Same oneblowdrybar Affordability To Other Popular Hair and Beauty Services! oneblowdrybar® added the one makeup bar and the one treatment bar. Why Spend your Hard Earn Money, At Less-Than-Desirable Drybar Discount Chains? Call 855.ONE.BLOW to Book Your oneblowdrybar Blowout , Full-Face Makeup Application and/or Hair Smoothing Treatment oneblowdrybar® is a U.S trademarked brand of Blow Dry Bar Hair Salons. oneblowdrybar Blow Dry Bar Hair Salons are Located in Midtown, New York City in Macy’s Herald Square & Red Bank, New Jersey. oneblowdrybar® is Bestowing The Globe With The Ultimate Blowout, Full-Face Makeup and Hair Smoothing Treatments !

oneblowdrybar trademark brand logoMidtown New York City

Located At: In Macy's Herald Square

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oneblowdrybar® brand corp hair salon location in red bank, New Jersey

oneblowdrybar® Red Bank,New Jersey Location

oneblowdrybar® blow drybar hair salon brand was established on legal-zoom, on October 25, 2011 , by Aurelio Ventrella Jr. the CEO & Founder of oneblowdrybar®.
oneblowdrybar®, opened it’s 1st location to the public on March 23, 2012 at 116 Broad St, Red bank, New Jersey. We made blowouts , full-face makeup applications and Hair Smoothing treatments much more affordable to the masses.
drybar Midtown West New York City in Macy's Herald Square

oneblowdrybar® Midtown, New York City NY in Macy’s Herald Square Location

In 2015, oneblowdrybar partnered with Macy’s Inc. to bring the that same “blow dry bar” hair salon affordability to the Macy’s Herald Square shopper. In 2016, our trademarked was approved by the U.S.P.T.O oneblowdrybar® trademark application was applied globally. On July 15, 2016, oneblowdrybar Midtown, New York City opened its doors on the one-below level (basement) inside Macy’s Herald Square on 34th St in Manhattan. oneblowdrybar Midtown New York City is Located at  151 W 34th Street, one below level, New York, NY 10001, USA,

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oneblowdrybar is bestowing the world, with this glamorous brand of the ultimate “blow dry bar”. By Providing affordable hair & beauty services to the everyday woman. All while, enhancing the ultimate level of our oneblowdrybar brand customer service. oneblowdrybar is uniting the world by glamorizing the globe, with the ultimate blowouts by one blow dry bar at a time!

The Idea for oneblowdrybar

A simple idea during a dark time that CEO & Founder Aurelio Ventrella Jr. had for a new business adventure. oneblowdrybar® the start of the oneblowdrybar brand of the blow drybar hair salon.

In 2007 at the age of 27, I found out I had breast cancer. Which was unbelievable, because only 1% of men get this deathly disease. My journey with breast cancer had begun. After all the surgeries said & done, I still had breast cancer. I felt that the only end result wasdeath at times. So after all the surgeries , my doctors decided that I would undergo chemotherapy for 8 weeks on & 4 weeks off. This had lasted for about for long period of time, which was very draining & overwhelming. I did it all alone, kept it from my family & friends because I was embarrassed of having breast cancer.

where there’s a will, there’s always a way!Michelle Bouganem, My Grandmother
During my days off with chemotherapy, only when I was well enough. I would make an appointment at a traditional salon/spa for facial or massage. I needed the strength to keep fighting; at this point on my journey, I was losing hope. I had met about 14 different types of incredible women in the lounge area, which I had befriended over a period of time. I would meet them on different appointment days in the lounge area while waiting for my appointment patently.

Jacqueline George, the angel from paris

Michelle Bouganem, My Grandmother 1924-2016

They would keep me very entertained with their gossip on each other, stories etc. I even started to look forward on my days off from chemotherapy. They would complain about not knowing their blow-dry pricing until the end of their service. They also felt’s that the hair treatments were an expensive service that didn’t lasts long for the price they where charged. They also mentioned not being able to schedule makeup appointments until the weekend. The traditional salons didn’t have a makeup artist on staff during the week.

never take no for answer! always find a
I would hear this complains nonstop for months, it became embedded into my brain. At that point, I had got an idea! I said to myself, if I make it through the cancer, ill start my own business concept. A concept, that would charge one single price