oneblowdrybar® Frequently Asked Questions

We service customer with different types of extensions. We are not responsible for extensions that may come loose or are damaged during washing, drying ,and styling services appointment. We recognize that extensions are expensive and very delicate. Our blowologist will be as careful as possible in handling them. However, we will not assume any responsibility, if they come out or are damaged as a result of your services appointment. To accommodate for the extra time extensions take to style, we will charge $15.00 USD to customers with “sewn-in”, “clip-in”, “bonded”, extensions or any new type of extensions.

Within 24 Hours from the time of your oneblowdrybar smoothing treatment appointment, if the Peter Coppola Keratin or Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment, hasn’t adhere to the customer treated hair. oneblowdrybar will gladly redo the entire smoothing treatment, complimentary. Peter Coppola Keratin + Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments contains different types of chemicals. These chemicals reacts different according to the customers own body composition not limited to prior hair care regiments. oneblowdrybar Inc. and or (“oneblowdrybar®”) staff members are not responsible for customer prior or present hair coloring that has lost it’s original pigmentation in direct result from either hair smoothing treatment. We “oneblowdrybar Inc” and or (“oneblowdrybar®”) staff members are not responsible for odors left in the customers hair after either smoothing treatment has been completed. We ask that customer who are receiving either smoothing treatments to be honest when answering our hair questions. If customer doesn’t met either hair smoothing treatment requirements, oneblowdrybar has the right to refuse hair smoothing services.

You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to your appointment time. By entering your credit card information and/or providing it at the time of booking, you do agree to accept our 100% appointment value cancellation fee. If you cancel within 24 hours or less of the start of your appointment or do not show up. For group appointments of six or less, your card will be charged for any in the party who cancel less than 24 hours or do not show up. For groups of more than six, please reference your Parties contract. Please visit our oneblowdrybar appointment cancellation policy.

You have 7 days to return unopened products in order to receive a full credit on the same payment method that was used initally.

Yes, of course! Just bring your products with you at the time of your service appointment! We will not be responsible if your blowout or up-do hair styling doesn’t last as long, or volume is not achieved. Certain products weights down the hair. Espeically if you are sporting long layers.

Yes, of course! Why would you though? Nonetheless, because our membership pricing is so unbelievable! no refunds, store-credits, nor any prorated credits amounts will be provided back to the member! By signing up for our unlimited memberships program you are agreeing to all memberships terms and conditions.

Yes, of Course! Your hair will be washed at no charge at oneblowdrybar! Unless you choose a dry blow-out hair styling option. With our up-do services, we do not advise having your hair washed 12 hours prior or during your appointment. we’ll of course accommodate a hair washing if you prefer!

We’re unable to book an appointment for just a braid without a blowout or up-do service. if half of your hair is up, in result of the braid than you will be charged for an blowup service $75.00 USD.

Yes, of Course! We’d love to wash and style your wig! We do consider this a full blowout service. We do provide this service complimentary to Breast Cancer Patients Who Are Currently Battling Breast Cancer. Please book an appointment for this services. Your able to drop off your hair piece and pick it up at a later time.

We consider buns and ponytails an up-do blow out hair styling service! We may not have enough time to do that service, if you had just book a blowout serive. Please let us know before your appointment time, if you need to change your service appointment to an blowoup up-do $75.00 USD.

Here are just some of our frequently asked questions at oneblowdrybar!

if you have any questions concerning our FAQ. Please contact oneblowdrybar customer services desk at 855.ONE.BLOW or email us at FAQ@oneblowdrybar.com