terms and conditions

oneblowdrybar memberships (“Monthly” & “Yearly”) is a loyalty program offered by oneblowdrybar (ONEBLOWDRYBAR INC.) to our most valued customers of oneblowdrybar’s goods and services. These membership terms and conditions form the agreement between each customer that participates in our  monthly/yearly membership  (known as a “member”) and with respect to our memberships. oneblowdrybar reserves the right to change these membership terms and conditions or to adopt additional rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedures. (“Related Rules”) affecting our membership and to terminate memberships or a member’s monthly and/or yearly memberships at any time for any reason without prior written notice. by participating in our membership program, member agrees to these terms and conditions and related rules. each member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about monthly/yearly memberships terms and conditions and related rules, which can be found at membership terms & conditions membership discounts on products and tools, only apply to in-store purchases. Discounts and memberships are non-transferable and can only be used by member. To redeem membership discounts, members must provide their name and identify themselves as a oneblowdrybar member. any attempt to transfer benefits of membership may result in automatic cancellation of membership. oneblowdrybar reserves the right to request proper identification from a member prior to providing discounts or using membership as a form of payment. For a full list of participating locations, visit our store locator.


    members are able to terminate their membership on the 30th day of expiration, prior to auto renew. members who want to terminate prior to expiration date, are subjected to penalties! members who are terminating membership prior to expiration date are responsible for all individual service amounts per visit, that were rendered with their membership. member are responsible for any additional amounts occurred per reservation that were forgiven under membership program. Any and all additional amounts will be charged to member credit card that was provided initially. members who want to cancel membership can  be cancelled in-store or via email. To cancel memberships via email, please send your name, copy of picture ID, phone, email and termination date to


    membership fee’s will recur monthly until cancelled by member. members who are enrolled in membership, agrees to pay monthly recurring fees in order to participate in membership program. prices may vary by state and can be found at (one blow dry bar menu) each member agrees and understands that their credit card on file will automatically be charged the applicable monthly fee’s. It is each member’s responsibility to keep oneblowdrybar informed of accurate billing information. Member monthly fee’s will be charged automatically and approximately on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made. If member form of payment declines, membership will automatically be terminated (terminated members that were  enrolled in promotional and/or grandfathered membership forfeits special plan pricing) Members also agree to allow oneblowdrybar to communicate via mail, email, phone (including text messages), external websites and various other channels. oneblowdrybar may use these channels to communicate with member reguarding account status, program changes, related rules, special offers or promotions, or other matters oneblowdrybar believes may be of interest to member.

    Do you have any questions concerning our membership program? Please feel free to contact oneblowdrybar at 855-ONE.BLOW