oneblowdrybar location are not accepting any groupons going forward

We Are No Longer Accepting Groupon Vouchers At Any Of Our Blow Dry Bar Blow Out Hair Salon Locations

oneblowdrybar® Practice Honesty

oneblowdrybar inc. understands that provides great exposure for small business. they gathers potential new clientele that normally small business aren’t able to penetrate in this mass market. It would be helpful if our location information wouldn’t be changed by groupon weekly. Groupon also added our additional oneblowdrybar, blow dry bar locations to their deal without oneblowdrybar in. consist or permission . Groupon doesn’t follow any of our blow-dry brand guidelines that we set fourth. In addition, We can’t understand why is price gauging their & our customers!


We started our oneblowdrybar® groupon campaign back in 2014. At that time, we where charging $180.00 for our brazilian blowout smoothing treatments. Over the years, we where able to discount the service for our customers to $140. Yet, groupon wouldn’t reflect the new oneblowdrybar blow dry bar & blow out hair salon pricing. Due to this, oneblowdrybar & groupon has severed all ties. We are no longer accepting any groupons as a form of payment at any of our oneblowdrybar, blow dry bar & blowout hair salon locations. Customers that made appointments with their groupons are now cancelled as per groupon. if you currently have an unused oneblowdrybar groupon, had already refunded your form of payment. If you still would like too book your oneblowdrybar, brazilian blowout smoothing treatment $150, please call our toll-free number at +1855-ONE.BLOW(+18556632569)

oneblowdrybar location are not accepting any groupons going forward

oneblowdrybar brazilian blowout groupon vouchers