blow dry brand of blow-out hair salons located in NYC and NJ

what is oneblowdrybar?

blow dry bar + make-up bar + hair smoothing treatment bar

the oneblowdrybar trademark brand is a blow dry bar and blowout hair salons. oneblowdrybar blow dry bar and blowout hair salon locations provides customers with hair washing and blowout hair styling to any anyone that has long enough hair to wash and style. Among other hair and makeup services besides coloring or cutting hair.

Where Are Your Blow Dry Bar Locations?

oneblowdrybar (Macy’s Herald Square) – New York, NY

151 W 34th Street, Macy’s One Below, New York, NY 10001, USA

oneblowdrybar (Flatiron District) – New York, NY

138 5th Avenue, FL 2, New York, NY 10010, USA

oneblowdrybar (Red Bank) – Red Bank, NJ

116 Broad Street, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701, USA

who started the one blow dry bar brand?

Aurelio Ventrella Jr, founded the oneblowdrybar trademark brand in 2010. Aurelio is also the CEO of the oneblowdrybar brand of blow dry bar’s. Mr. Ventrella in 2010 established this brand of blow dry bar’s in Red Bank, New Jersey. Granted it was called theglambar (the glam bar LLC). Mr. Aurelio Ventrella Jr, Decided that oneblowdrybar branding was more unique.

what do you think of one blow dry bar?

Our customer just simply love oneblowdrybar blowout hair styling and our oneblowdrybar locations! They love their new blowout hair styling so much! That they purchase our oneblowdrybar unlimited monthly blowout membership for only $200!

what is the correct spelling for one-blow-dry-bar?


The correct spelling of one blow dry bar is, oneblowdrybar. Our trademark brand name is all one word, in lowercase form! Isn’t that easy enough to remember! oneblowdrybar has 5 syllables and think they are all separate , but they aren’t Did I mention? Even if oneblowdrybar is the first word of a sentence, the “o” remains lower case!

What are your blow-dry brand Slogan?

“We Know How To Blow!”

“glamorizing the globe with our blow-dry brand, by bestowing the everyday woman with affordable luxurious blow-dried hair!”

What Number Do I Call To Book A Blowout Appointment?