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What is a Blowout? Funny you should ask! I’ll Explain the whole thing!

More and more people are realizing the benefits of professional blowouts… as for the rest, well, they’re asking “What’s a ‘blowout’?”. Professional grooming is not a new concept, but the concept of salons specified to these “in-between” services is spreading rapidly. If you are among the crowd who has yet to decide to leave your regular hair care to the professionals, have no fear, you’re not alone. We had our oneblowdrybar blowologist team which are the blowout Experts, put together some explanations, answering your questions of what a blowout is, what other hair services are available at oneblowedrybar and what are the benefits of using these services.

What exactly is a Blowout?

The Blowout is a service designed to maintain healthy and styled hair in between haircuts and colors.  A full blowout service at oneblowdrybar includes two washes, one wash using clarifying shampoo, and the other a Blowout Shampoo complete with thermal protection.  Of course, we condition the hair after the washes to prep it for a beautiful blowout styling.  our oneblowdrybar offers add-on for services, including deep-conditioning treatments and clip in extensions.

Once your hair is clean and conditioned, the fun starts.  We offer 7 specialty styles appropriately named after popular NYC land Marks.  oneblowdrybar Blowout Experts are experienced and well trained on brush control techniques and all products used during your services.  Looking at hair type, scalp condition, and your desired look, we customize the styling products that best suit you.! Every service is tailored specifically to your hair and we make sure each client leaves feeling and looking amazing.

Why do people get blowouts regularly?

Why not?!? But seriously, the question is really WHO is taking advantage of professional blowout styling? You might chose to leave it to the professionals if you:

  • struggle with the thickness, or texture of your hair
  • simply do not have time to spend drying and styling your own hair
  • just want a polished manageable style that lasts
  • are facing daily hair issues such as oily scalp or heat damaged hair (we are always willing to advise you in the health of your hair!)


How long will a blowout last me?

On average our blowout will last anywhere from 4-6 days. With more textured hair the number of days can multiply, and with finer hair it may need a little more maintenance to last. Once you get into a regular routine with blowouts, you will find that your hair is super adaptable. You can correct issues you face with your hair and scalp by regularly being serviced! We will provide you with tips on making your style last between services. We also offer a oneblowout refresher for $20, we will refresh y0ur current oneblowout that you had previously done by oneblowdrybar !


Do you only do blowouts at your blowout bar?

oneblowdrybar locations are not a full service hair salon, we focus on specific elements of hair care including health and styling.  We do not only do blowouts though. We offer several hair services aside from our popular wash and style:

  • oneblowout Express – Unique to our blowout bar, the express is a 30 minute dry-styling service. Whether you have plans after work, or an important meeting, or you just need 30 minutes of me-time, this service is for you! We can add curls, straighten your hair, style a bun or pony-tail, or give you a sweet braid… Get you ready for whatever is ahead on your agenda.
  • oneblowout Refresher- This service is offered to clients who receive a blowout service.  It is available 2-4 days after your blowout and usually takes about 15-20 minutes.  For the refresh we tend to your roots, give you that boost your blowout may need to get you into the late week and maintain your style without starting back at the wash.

What’s a blowout?

  1. The act or instance of blow-drying hair, includes wash and style.
  2. Happiness, confidence and relaxation for about 45 minutes.
  3. The best and easiest gift you can give to your wife, girlfriend, sister or mom.

“I had purchased a wash and a blowout from oneblowdrybar for my mother, and she went bonkers”.

Synonyms: pleasure, contentment, joy, cheerfulness, glee, good spirits, happy, enjoyment, delight, heaven”.
Synonyms: pleasure, contentment, joy, delight, cheerfulness, glee, good spirits, happy, enjoyment, heaven.

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